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The Nature of Man

Determining the nature of man is a fundamental necessity for those desiring to understand their place in God's creation as well as their hope for the future. There are a number of approaches to this subject: biological, psychological, philosophical, religious and combinations of these. This particular treatise limits itself to the biblical data that bears on the matter of what we are as human beings our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual makeup. The writer believes that the Bible is by far the better source of knowledge in this area of investigation because it comes from man's Creator. Who better to learn from than the one who formed man's nature? Only the holy Scriptures take us back to man's true origin and provide the basic information needed to develop a clear understanding of ourselves. And in doing that, we will have our understanding and appreciation for his promises to the human family clarified and enriched. What we find in Scripture: both Old and New Testaments, is consistent with itself and, I believe, consistent with human experience and modem scientific investigation.