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"I have been meaning to write you for some time to thank you for writing your book. I enjoyed it very much. When I received it from my sister who had read it and passed it on to me, I opened the package and thought (now bear with me), 'Oh dear, this is a lot to read, I'll never get through it.' Well, honestly, 1 started reading and couldn't put it down. 1 was transcended back in time; to your life experience, to my life experience, to old places, to old feelings, to old memories. I am still a 'split personality' with the old and the new coming together to form something of a whole person. Your book was therapeutic, emotionally and spiritually.

- D. B. in California.

Never, Never, has a book had such an emotional effect on me. I pray God's richest blessing on you and its distribution will powerfully affect x-JWs."

- P. G. Alabama

"I think the integrity of your presentation and the in-depth, honest revelations of your personal failures will have a profound effect on others who have suffered as you and Mavis have. Your life makes a compelling argument for the reality of God's boundless grace and faithfulness. Your willingness to 'empty your closet' to all willing and blessed to read, 'My Christian Quest,' will find  encouragement to press on, confident in God's forgiveness through Christ (no matter how often we need it) and assurance that 'God rewards those that diligently seek him.

- B. B. New Hampshire.

"I have just finished reading 'My Christian Quest,' for the second time. What is there to say? You have put together a real masterpiece! A lot of biblical searching; personal struggles; and enough of human flaws to make it appealing to anyone. I can honestly recommend it to anyone 1 know who might be having problems with WT policy, or just plain nonsense treatment of others due to differences. It has it all."

- H. C. in Georgia

I found “My Christian Quest…..” by Ronald E. Frye one of the most heart-revealing testimonies of one’s life that I have ever read. It is written with an honesty and integrity way beyond the normal realm of personal sharing. Ron tells of his difficult ordeal in his quest to leave an oppressive and legalistic “religious” culture and bravely endures its hostility and being totally ostracized from family and friends as he journeyed towards ultimately finding the freedom that is had only in the Lord Jesus Christ.

More than this, Ron shares some of his personal shortcomings with an honesty, that I doubt many of us would be willing to do. I found the book so engrossing that I had a hard time putting it down until the last page was read. If you have not read Ron’s quest to find a personal relationship with his Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, I would highly recommend you do.

I would especially recommend its reading to anyone who is in bondage to a religious organization, or sect, and therefore has never experienced the Apostle Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians 3:17, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

- Elmer Weeks - Editor of The New Creation Magazine

I read Ron Frye's book in just two nights as it was such a captivating and compelling read. Having come from a similar religious background, although yet somewhat less oppressive, I found stunning parallels and yet in some ways much more distressing to see the break up of families.

The information presented on the Watchtower Society's flipping back and forth through the century on the "End Time" can not but convince anyone with an objective point of view that the leadership can not be a trustworthy vehicle of God's message.

The most compelling part of the book to me however, was Ron's personal testimony and revealing of his weaknesses in his quest towards becoming a disciple of Jesus. It takes great courage to open one self up like this to the world. I took great consolation and certainly it motivated my own commitment.

I certainly recommend this book to any who have questions about the Society and it's historical canon. But even more important, is Ron's call to be a disciple of Jesus which was foreordained by Jehovah before the world began.

- A.W. in IL

My Christian Quest from Jehovah’s Witness to Son of God grabbed me from the moment I opened it and didn’t let me go until I turned the last page.  His story is spellbinding.  I felt his passion for serving Jehovah, followed by the pain, confusion, dismay and finally the conviction that took him where he didn’t really want to go. Ultimately I found myself rejoicing with Ron in the freedom he has found in Christ.   

      When Ron relayed his experience of rejection and alienation from his family at his mother’s memorial service I ached for him.  I cried for the loss that this organization had brought about in his life and that of his family.  As Ron walks us through his life in the Jehovah’s Witnesses I was amazed at how an organization can distort God’s Word and misrepresent Jehovah himself.  Though the road was difficult, Ron shares with brutal honesty the road he walked. His passion for Jehovah led him to full time service and to give up much in this world, but ultimately it led him to his present relationship with Jehovah, that of Son. 

      I was truly blessed by this book and was reminded once again that we serve a God who can be trusted, a God who will walk through the fire with us and bring us safely to the other side.  There Ron found true sonship and it was worth it all.  This is what Ron’s story is all about and I am confident that it will bring comfort and hope to others going through similar experiences. 

      - Donna Mathewson